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Bell ringing-Papal Visit to UK

Yesterday after work, I decided I needed a ,so I walked to the bus stop via Fargate. As I got to the junction with Norfolk Row  I heard what sounded like the sombre tolling bell coming from St Maries Catholic Cathedral followed by  more joyful sounds.

As I walked to the end of Norfolk Row there was a man at the open side door who was a bell ringer.
I asked him why the bells were ringing, at that moment they were warming up the bells and he was waiting for one more bell ringer. They were going to ring a quarter peal of Grandsire Triples to welcome
The Pope on his State Visit to the UK. Also they were flying The Papal flag which is yellow and white my favourite  colour is yellow so this perked up my spirit no end. 

Below is the sound of Grandsire Triples rung by the Bells ringers of St Martins in the Field London. I stayed listening to the warm up for 15 mins they it got cold and I went home.