Who is a true Scotsman?

How do you decide who is a true Scotsman?

To answer this question I looked at several sources the first one being 1The Oxford English Dictionary whose definition is ‘A native or inhabitant of Scotland or a person of Scottish descent’.

According to this description a man who identifies with another nationality and has no Scottish ancestry but lives in Scotland is classed as Scottish. This would be seen by a lot of people as incorrect

Another question is, do people of ethnic minorities born and raised in Scotland classify themselves as Scottish? This was regarded as so important that all people of Scotland were asked on 2The Scotland’s Census 2011 ‘What is your ethnic group?' This question was not separated by gender. Therefore, the results include answers by Scotland’s female population.

The results were that 82% of the population identified as Scottish. Of this number 62% identified as Scottish only, 18% felt Scottish and British and 2% felt Scottish plus another identity. An update to these figures was issued in a Statistical News Release on 19 March 2014. 2aAccording to this data 94% of people born in Scotland felt that they had Scottish identity either on its own or in combination with another identity.

The 3Scottish DNA project is taking a longer term view of who is Scottish.
This project started in 2011 is looking at the Y chromosomes in men who have direct paternal or maternal Scottish descent. It has taken saliva samples from thousands of willing Scottish men. The Y chromosome is passed in a direct line from father to son. They are looking for markers which are slight changes to DNA, from which they are able to identify different ethnic DNA groups.

According to 4The Herald Scotland newspaper one such marker may explain the differences between East and West Scotland. This is the Ancient Celtic Marker R1b-M222, holders of this marker are distant descendants of Niall Noigiallach the first High King of Ireland who lived about 1,500 years ago.12% of men living in West Scotland have this marker against 5% in East Scotland.

One way to explain this is Scotland’s geography, the west of Scotland is nearer to Ireland than the East and that there has been centuries of Irish emigration to Scotland.

Another is to do with Scotland’s ancient history. According to 5BBC Scotland The Gaels and The Picts were based in West Scotland. The earliest historical records were writing in 10th Century AD, saying that The Gaels came from Ireland around 500 AD and invaded the West of Scotland. This source also states that archaeologists are challenging this view. There is little evidence of differences in building style and objects in this area. They would have expected more variation if The Gaels had invaded this part of Scotland.

The question still stands 'who is a true Scotsman?' - Common lore would suggest that it is a native male of Scotland.




2aCensus 2011: Detailed characteristics on Ethnicity, identity, Language and Religion in Scotland-Release 3B





It was a hot sunny day and Nathan was walking down the street hand in hand with his Mummy. As they passed the cinema he noticed a poster advertising the horror film that was showing this afternoon. The monsters on the picture reminded him of last night’s very scary dream, which had frightened him so much it had made him scream and cry. Mummy came into the bedroom to see what was upsetting him.

He squeezed his Mummy’s hand tighter as he anxiously remembered the nightmare. They had been walking down this very street, he was holding Mummy’s hand just like now, when they had stepped on a crack in the pavement. Falling through the crack they found themselves in a land full of monsters who tried to grab and eat them. They had both screamed and Daddy had somehow reached down through the gap and saved them from the monsters.

He looked down and saw to his horror the same cracks in the pavement that he had seen in his dream. He panicked as he saw his Mummy just missing each crack as she walked along.

‘We mustn’t step on the cracks’ He thought. If we do we’ll fall through and the monsters will get us and try to eat us. Daddy’s at work so he can’t help us. ‘What can we do I’m too small to save us both’

He took a deep breath, his hands were sweating and his legs felt like jelly. Jumping, his left foot just missed the crack.

“Mummy we mustn’t step on the cracks?"

“Why?" she replied.

“Because the monsters will get us!”

“Oh love you’re remembering last night’s dream. There's no monsters look I’ll show you by stepping on the line." She stopped walking and deliberately stood on the line. “Look we’re both still here there’s no need to be frightened.”

He let out his breath, felt relived, realising that dreams don’t always come true.

The Real LJ idol Topic 5 Build a better mouse trap

The town of Greenfield in Northern England was celebrating 70 years of twining with its French town of Le Champ Vert. Coincidentally it was also the 70th anniversary of Greenfield's model railway society. To celebrate both occasions the town was having a festival. The mayor asked the model railway society to mark the occasion by replicating an historic event of sabotage led by the French Resistance that happened in their twin town in 1944. Their task was to build a working replica of the German train carrying coal from Occupied France to the factories on the Ruhr, which was derailed by an explosion just outside Le Champ Vert.

Ian was a member of the Model Railway Society and was well known for his detailed models. He was chosen by the members of the society as the person who would make the open topped wooden coal wagon.

The next day Ian went to the shed and looked for some suitable wood to build the wagon. He also found some toy beads his daughter Susan used to wear that he knew would look like coal.It took him a week of work before he was satisfied.

Then he had to think about how to replicate the explosion, so he looked in his bits and pieces drawer to see if there was anything he could use. Inside were lots of pieces of string, several mouse traps left over from his old house and modelling glue. There were three small rolls of toy gun caps and he smiled remembering the joy his son Peter had firing the small cap gun thirty odd years ago.

He glued the caps to the wooden base of the mouse trap. He partially opened the mouse trap and wedged a piece of wood between the base of the trap and the metal, so he could control the explosion. To test it he used a stick to quickly knock out the wedge but being an old mouse trap it fell apart. That’s no good he thought. He got one of the other mouse traps and set it up as before, it worked and he got the explosion he wanted.

At the next meeting of the model railway society he took the completed wagon and showed the members how the mouse trap exploding worked and they were extremely pleased.

This is my entry for LJ Idol topic 5 Build a better mouse trap.
This is based on a story told to me by an elderly gentleman.
The names of the towns have been changed.


The Real LJ idol Topic 2 The Missing Stair

Ow! My head aches! I’m cold. What am I doing here? Where am I? What time is it?

The old women slowly lifted her head fighting against the dizziness. The street lights cast the shadow of the sun ray pattern on the door onto the floor. This told her she was in her own house, and it was still night time. She tried to get up but agonising pain her hip stopped her, she took a deep breath realising that her hip was probably broken.

How did I end up here? Oh yes, I was reading in bed when the lights went out. So I thought I should to check the fuse box.

She had not wanted to go downstairs until the morning but her Mum’s favourite saying “Don’t put off till tomorrow, what you can do today” had been drilled into her since childhood.

She had got out of bed to make her way to the fuse box in the cupboard under the stairs. Halfway there she stumbled on the stair and landed on the hallway floor below.

Oh bother! That was a stupid thing to do! What am I going to do now?

She didn’t feel able to bang on the adjoining wall to her neighbours who had just moved in. It would have been different if her best friend Joan still lived there. They had been neighbours all their lives,since childhood and their bedrooms had been at either side of the connecting wall. She and Joan had developed a tapping language between them as a way to continue talking while in bed. As was usual in the 1940's they both shared their beds with their older sisters, both of whom had passed away last year.

She remembered how this language had saved lives in their childhood during the war. She was at school when the air raid siren had wailed and all the school walked into the air raid shelter several yards away from the school. Whilst there the head teacher continued with their mental arithmetic lessons. One question about oranges caused a smile as no one had seen these for the quite a few years and before that they had been a once a year Christmas treat.

She remembered how they had all held their breath when the heard a loud explosion nearby. The Infant children started to cry, not at the the noise so much, but because they wanted to be with their Mums. The teachers stared a sing-a-long beginning with the younger children’s favourite 'Ten Green Bottles', then 'Run Rabbit Run' and onto more patriotic songs such as 'White Cliffs of Dover'. Another explosion shook the shelter and they nervously continued with their singing.

The 'All Clear' siren sounded and strangely the teachers carried on with the singing.

Miss Jackson came over to her and Joan and quietly said to them, “You two are the oldest and most sensible I want you to go to the emergency exit and listen for the wardens”.

As they walked away they heard the Head Teacher say "Right children we need everybody to be really quiet,so we are going to have competition with house points for the children who can stay silent the longest”.

She and Joan walked to the exit and put their ears against the wall. After what seemed like hours they heard a tapping noise they looked at each other and realised it was their language.

The tapping asked? "Is anyone there?"

They realised it must be Joan’s older sister Mary who was a warden, knocking, and that somehow over the years she had learnt their code.

Using their gas mask cases they had tapped back,"Yes all the school"

"Any injuries?"


Joan had ran back to tell her teacher that there was a warden at the emergency exit. They were rescued from the shelter and found that their school had took a direct hit.

I was lucky that time she thought, I wonder if I’ll be lucky now?

Ouch! What’s that sticking in my chest? Oh! How could I have forgotten that I was wearing my alarm pendant around my neck. I'm so pleased that Joan persuaded me to sign up for the local home alert service a few years ago.

She pressed the red button on the pendant.

"Hello Mrs Smith, this is the Home Alert service, you pressed your button, are you needing assistance"

"Yes I've fallen down the stairs and think might have broken my hip".

"Thank you for that information an ambulance is on its way and will be with you in a few minutes".

Wise Cracks?

TOPIC 1 Jayus “From Indonesian, meaning a joke so poorly told and so unfunny that one cannot help but laugh”.

Dad was known for his liking of bad jokes, as far as he was concerned the cheesier the better. Christmas dinner was the best time of year for these jokes. Imagine going back in time to a UK 1970’s Christmas dinner. There is a family of four sat at a six person rectangular table. Mum and Dad at opposite ends of the table sitting on Mum’s right was her son, next to him her daughter. At the side of each plate was a colourfully wrapped cylindrical tube with twisted ends, these were the Christmas Crackers.

As was tradition in this family Dad was the one to start, holding one side of his cracker he gave the other side to his daughter. They pulled each end to a small popping sound with Dad winning as he had the larger part of the cracker in his hand. He tipped out the contents onto the table and found he had a purple paper hat in the shape of a crown, a toy plastic moustache and a piece of paper on which was a joke. He put paper crown on his head and put the joke to one side to be read when everyone had pulled their crackers.

Next, Mum and son pulled her cracker, her son won much to his delight which lessened when he found that his toy was a neon orange girl’s toy ring. At 9 years of age he wanted nothing to do with girl’s toys and then he put on his green paper crown.

Christmas dinner was the only time that the daughter was allowed to lean over the table as she pulled her cracker with her Mum. Daughter won and smilingly put on her yellow crown, yellow was her favourite colour, her toy was a tiny plastic whistle much envied by her brother.

Finally son leaned across the table with his cracker to pull with Dad. Dad for the second time won this mini tug of war. He got up from the table and walked around to his wife. He handed her the cracker with the contents intact. She emptied her cracker and found a joke, a red crown which she put on and a miniature pack of playing cards.

After this the joke reading started with the youngest first.
This was the son whose joke said “What do you get if you eat tinsel?”
“I don’t know what do you get if you eat tinsel”. Dad asked.
Dad gave a loud pleasurable laugh, the rest of the family let out a sound which was a mixture of a groan and a laugh.

Next was daughter who read “who hides in a bakery?” to which the answer was a mince spy. Dad’s laughter got louder.

After this Mum read her joke “What famous playwright is afraid of Christmas?" She answered Noel Coward. Dad’s shoulders stared to shake at this he told us it was the best joke so far.

Finally Dad read his joke, which he could hardly read for laughing. “What kind of motorbike does Santa ride? A Holly Davidson". At this point he let out a loud belly laugh rocking the table so much that Mum had to warn him not to upset the drink glasses.

They then toasted each other and started to eat their Christmas dinner.

The realLJ Idol

Hello I would like to join this challenge. I was told about it by itsjustc. It's the first time I've done anything like this and am a bit apprehensive.
Iona beach

30 days habit challenge intro

I've been reading S J Scott's Wake up successful-how to Increase you
energy and achieve any goal with a morning routine book.
In it he talks about achieving good habits and setting aside a power hour.
I don't feel ready for any hour but I do feel ready to start for
15 minutes at a time. He also mentions the '30 day habit change challenge'.

I've decided to do a 30 day challenge. My challenge is to :-CLEAN MY HOUSE.
Starting from Monday 8th July I will spend 15 minutes in the  morning researching
Tidying websites especially FlyLadies.
In the evening I will spend 2 15 minute sessions Flying.
1/2hr before bed I will update LJ with my results.

I expect that there will be some setbacks but I will accept these.

UK Census 2010

27 March 2011 is the date of the UK Census of population. I've just received my census form today. My form is specifically for householders in England. Northern Ireland Scotland and Wales have their own forms. In Wales the paper form is in English and Welsh . On the Internet site Welsh speakers can read the census information and complete the form in their language. Northern Ireland and Scotland have their own bodies who are in charge of compiling census questions for their countries.

I've used census information in the past for tracing my family tree and will complete the form on the relevant date.

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Bell ringing-Papal Visit to UK

Yesterday after work, I decided I needed a ,so I walked to the bus stop via Fargate. As I got to the junction with Norfolk Row  I heard what sounded like the sombre tolling bell coming from St Maries Catholic Cathedral followed by  more joyful sounds.

As I walked to the end of Norfolk Row there was a man at the open side door who was a bell ringer.
I asked him why the bells were ringing, at that moment they were warming up the bells and he was waiting for one more bell ringer. They were going to ring a quarter peal of Grandsire Triples to welcome
The Pope on his State Visit to the UK. Also they were flying The Papal flag which is yellow and white my favourite  colour is yellow so this perked up my spirit no end. 

Below is the sound of Grandsire Triples rung by the Bells ringers of St Martins in the Field London. I stayed listening to the warm up for 15 mins they it got cold and I went home.