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I am feeling very pleased with myself today. I am looking at my living room none of my surfaces, table, display unit, Table etc have any items on them.

Later this year or early next year I am replacing my living room carpet with easy to clean laminate effect flooring. In order to do this I have declutter my living room and go through all my furniture. In the last few months I've decluttered my hall cupboard, sorted out my books on my bookshelves and moved two book shelves into my hall cupboard.

In my living room were 5 carrier bags full of assorted oddments that I had been meaning to put away for the last few months. I have emptied these bags, some items have been put in the right place, others filed, others put in bin or paper salvage bin and others are awaiting shredding. What is left now is a bag of paper to shred then I will have removed all the paper from the surfaces of my living room.

Then it will be on to the furniture which include 1 display unit with a cupboard underneath it, one set of TV drawers in which I store videos and CD's and one bureau with 3 drawers, and a fold out writing table behind which is more storage space.

Change of journal name and layout

I've changed my journal name and layout because 1) I want to be able to post on more topics than watching what food I throw away 2) I've got bored of the old colour and layout.

Thanks to 2 speedy workman

I would like to say thanks to the Heating engineer who did an emergency fix of my central heating boiler and the Keir Joiner who repaired the bin store lock. Both came very quickly yesterday. It is the speedist I have seen Keir come to do a repair. I rung them up at 11am and he was he by 1pm.

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Review of the year 2009

2009 started off well food waste increased in the middle of the year and went down towards the end of the year.

  • Plan meals for the week boring to do but nice to know what I am going to eat when I get home from work.
  • Buy what I need as a Happily single person I need to adjust what I am buying to feed one person not 2 or 4.
  • Frozen veg can be more useful than fresh, for example a cabbage will go off before I can eat all of it. But I can buy frozen chopped cabbage. This way I can use up all of the cabbage.
  • Look in my cookery books for receipes using left overs.
  • Look at websites.

Allreceipes.com www.allrecipes.com 
  • I like this site because it uses both U.S and Metric measurements for its recipes.
  • You can alter the recipe to decrease or increase the number of people the meal serves. I t does give you a warning that the cooking times have not been changed which you have to alter yourself.
  • You can look at recipes without joining.
  • If you join you are able to save your recipies online to a cookery box on your account.

    Allrecipes.co.uk allrecipes.co.uk Is the UK version of the above site
  • It has UK measurements some recipes use both Imperial and metric measures.
  • It has special recipes for UK specific holidays.

Love Food hate Waste.com lovefoodhatewaste.com
This is a UK based website with useful hints and tips for reducing food waste
  • It has recipes on using left overs.
  • It has useful tips on buying what you need and food storage.


This month's focus is on reducing Stress at work. We have been given a set of breathing exercises to do when we are feeling stressed and a stress ball. There is also a 4 week programme organised by work to give people the tools to reduce their stress.

This is not something I am going to take up because I have just finished a 7 weekly 1 evening course organised by the NHS at a city centre church on reducing stress.
Two things I found very useful:
1) Setting aside a set amount of time to worry every day, so when I started to worry in the day time I could say to myself I will worry about this at my worry time. Often I forgot what I was worrying about by the time the worry time came around.
2) Monitoring my sleep patterns. I recorded my hours sleeping over 2 weeks and found that I get little sleep in the week as I go to bed late and wake up early and make it up by sleeping in in the weekends. This was called Binge Sleeping.

I am now in the process of retraining my sleep patterns so that I get an healthy amount of sleep every night. The hardest bit for me at weekends and on holidays it not to have a nap in the day. The second hardest is not to read in bed.

Live well Work Well 2 Get more Active

March is the month for starting or increasing exercise. It is being called Get more Active to get away from the bad memories a lot of people have of exercise because of school P.E. lessons.

We are doing two things this month.
The first is The Tuesday Toddle- this is a 30 minutes (15 mins out and 15 mins back)
circular walk from work at Lunch time around the local streets. This included two hills one very step and one gradual hill. As it is Sheffield you cannot avoid hills.  I enjoyed and felt more awake after the walk. It was nice walking in a small group as the pace set was faster than I would normally walk but I was capable of walking at that pace.

The second is a Virtual walk of Mount Everest-Everyone who wishes to take part has been issued with pedometres. Someone did a calculation of how many steps it is from Sheffield to Mount Everest. and came up with the following number of steps to reach the summit. 2,7500,000 steps. Work is offering a prize to the 1st person who reaches this target. According to the British Heart Foundation you are supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day.

I started to count my steps and was Shocked by how little I walking I do in a day. My perception and the reality were far apart. As a bus user I thought that I walked a lot, BUT I work in a sedentrary office job. On the 1st week 3,000 was my highest step total and that included the Tuesday Toddle! I now  have a starting point and it can only get better.

Live Well Work Well

At work we are having a year long healthy living project. This is a government project aimed to make people more aware of their health and my employer is one of the organisations chosen to do a pilot of this project to see if it works before the Government considers rolling out nationwide.

MONTH ONE=Healthy Eating
Everyone was given a five a day chart (in the UK you are encouraged to eat five portions of fruit and veg per day) to complete measuring  how much fruit and veg they ate in a day.I was suprised to discover that I only eat 3 portions on a good day. It is suprising the discrepancy between you memory thinking you ate a lot of fruit and veg and what you actually did eat when you record it.

We had an early healthy breakfast where you could pick up healthy recipes dontated by other staff members and a number of leaflets about living in a healthy way.

Halfway through the month we had another healthy breakfast. This time various members of staff had made the favourite healthy food and the left the recipes for you to pick up and have a go at making yourself. My favourite was hotcakes the picture below is from recipes.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Hot_Cakes_Recipe

Weigh the whale
One manager who wishes to loose weight has agreed to be weighed and have her results published via
e-mail every week. Any staff member who wishes to track the weight can get weighed every wednesday between 12-2pm. At the session you write down your weight on a piece of card which is then put into a sealed envelope. On the next session you weigh your self and put in the cash box £1 if you gain weight or 50p if you loose weight. At the end of the year this money will go to charity.

Shrove Tuesday 16 February 2010
We had a pancake tossing competition to see how many microwavable pancakes you could toss in one minute. I tossed 30 pancakes in one minute the winner tossed 68 pancakes in one minute and two more men were joint second with 60 pancakes per minute. The winner won a box of Milk Tray chocolates.


Store cupboard challenge

This week I am aiming to make my meals using the food in my store cupboards. The first thing I have to do is make a meal plan, Breakfasts are easy they are different types of cereal. It is lunches to take to work that are difficult so after this post I am going to write down lunches for the week and make tomorrow's lunch.

As last week I decided to check how much I was spending daily and I was shocked at the amount I spent on buying sandwiches for lunch time. The average price for a sandwich was £5approx$8.50 =£25approx $46 per week when I have a lot of food in the fridge/freezer and my cupboards.

Twist in the Tale to my dream

At work on Wednesday I was in a team meeting. About 15 minutes into the meeting there was a tannoy announcement.
"All Staff please listen there is an emergency situation, all staff stay where they are, fire wardens please check your floor, and 3rd floor fire wardens please check the roof and then please report to the Incident Control Officer" This was repeated twice. Then one of the fire wardens came into the room where we were having the meeting and looked around. After this message our team leader told us that if we had to evacuate the building we were not to go back to our desks and collect our belongings our go in the cloakroom and collect our coats. About 5 minutes later there was another tannoy announcement. "Attention all staff please evacuate the building." ReadMoreCollapse )

My Strange Dream and afterwards

I had a strange dream at around 5am this morning. I was asleep and I heard a loud intermittently ringing fire alarm, the sound was that of work's fire alarm. I thought in my dream oh its the bomb alert and we've been told not to move(At work we have been told that as well as having fire drills we will have bomb drills and the sound for the bomb drill is the intermittent ringing of the fire alarm). I then pulled by quilt further up under my neck this action told me that I was not at work so I better get up. I woke up and tried to get up but it felt like I was stuck to the bed. I shook my self to get awake (thanks to itsjustC for telling me a method that works)I turned over on to my right hand side and got out of bed. I was on the opposite side of the room to the door. I put on my mules by this time the bell had stopped ringing.
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